Jacky Williams


Jacky has over 30 years applied research in Natural Resource Management in Australia. She has worked at local, regional, state and national levels in a variety of capacities, including community NGOs, Local & State Government and research organisations.

Jacky was a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of New England, NSW between 2007 and 2020. She  worked in cross-disciplinary areas, encompassing agriculture, law, environmental and rural science. Jacky was recently appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Southern Cross University.

Her areas of expertise includes:

  • sustainable agriculture recognition systems
  • natural resource policy
  • ecosystem service delivery from agri-environmental landscapes
  • regional natural resource governance systems
  • on-farm baseline NRM and natural capital assessment
  • sustainable behaviour change
  • the social justice and transaction costs issues for farming and Indigenous communities of natural resource governance regimes

Jacky is currently working with rural communities in NSW and Tasmania on further development, testing and implementation of Australian Sustainable Agricultural Recognition Systems.

Jacky is also a certified organic farmer in rural NSW and likes getting her hands in the soil whenever possible.