Strategy and design

Effective strategy requires expertise to understand and address complex policy problems. We facilitate strategy development through the analysis of evidence, workshops, environmental scans, needs analyses and the application of our capability framework.

Policy and program designs are better when co-designed with the people they affect and those delivering them. So we work with clients to engage individuals and communities in the design process.


Effective evaluation can guide decision-making and strengthen policy and program outcomes.

We design formal evaluations and reviews that are rigorous, based on our own capability and evaluation frameworks.

We will consider the multiple aspects of policy, program and organisation governance. And we analyse all the relevant dimensions - appropriateness, impact, effectiveness, efficiency and legacy.


Our capability framework melds concepts of performance with experience gained in reviewing the performance in the public service. It highlights the complexity of governance, the elements of which can be grouped into three broad, inter-related and mutually reinforcing categories: strategy, relationships and delivery.

A critical deficiency in any one aspect of governance has the potential to cause organisational under-performance in terms of outputs and outcomes achieved, regardless of effort expended.

WA Organics Industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Options for Development

WA organic industry projectThe Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has commissioned Policy Partners to review the indicators of maturity and quality of the Organic Industry in WA compared with benchmarks in other States.

WA contributes 26 per cent of the total value of Australian agricultural production, but only contributes around 10 per cent to total Australian production of organic livestock, vegetable, fruit and grains. It also contributes around 14 per cent of eggs, 3 per cent of dairy, 10 per cent of sheep, and 5 per cent of beef.

Consequently, organic production could be viewed as significantly underdeveloped in WA, when compared with the rest of Australia.

Furthermore, Australian exports of organic products is growing at around 18 per cent annually. Consequently, WA may be missing out on significant growth potential for its agriculture industries.

Policy Partners will be engaging with industry to consider the opportunities, challenges and options for development of the WA organics industry.

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Business process review for Skills Canberra

Skills CanberraPolicy Partners assisted Skills Canberra in relation to which business processes it should retain, transfer or redesign.

The project comprised two phases:

  • Define the current Skills Canberra business process architecture and recommend a list of which business processes are to be subject to detailed review.
  • Document selected current business processes, determine whether functions should continue or be reformed, document new business processes, and determine KPIs for each process.

Export strategy for the organic industry

Organic export strategyTo leverage growth in global opportunities for organic exports, Organic Industries of Australia Ltd developed an export strategy to achieve the following objectives:

  • break down technical barriers to trade for Australian agricultural exports and securing new and improved access to premium markets
  • strategic, operational and tangible improvements in market knowledge and access for the Australian organics industry, covering all states and territories and commodities, and a platform for engagement and co-operation with markets
  • provide a platform for aligning government, industry and commercial efforts to boost organic exports
  • specify clear and measurable organic industry export priorities

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Implementing Water Reform in the Murray-Darling Basin

Review of  the National Partnership Agreement on Implementing Water  Reform in the Murray-Darling BasinPolicy Partners was engaged by ARTD Consultants to provide expert assistance in reviewing the National Partnership Agreement on Implementing Water Reform in the Murray-Darling Basin. The expert services we provided were in the areas of:

  • water reforms in the Murray-Darling Basin
  • review of National Partnership Agreements

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Weeds R&D investment plan

Weeds RD&E Investment PlanPolicy Partners assisted the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions in the development of a draft national investment plan for weeds research, development & extension.

Weeds remain a significant threat to the health of Australian landscapes, conservation values and the productivity and profitability of agriculture.

We prepared the exposure draft and undertook the first consultation phase for the development of this plan.

Incorporating feedback from the consultation draft, the second stage of creating this investment plan, is the exposure draft (downloadable via the image below). The exposure draft is based upon an initial analysis of the state of weeds RD&E funding in Australia, and initial Australia-wide consultation. The Plan covers 2020-2030, and it is important that the consultation continues to ensure the Plan has impact.

The exposure draft is open for feedback at

OECD recognises innovation

Stakeholder Engagement for Inclusive Water GovernanceOur work has been recognised by the OECD as an outstanding example of public sector innovation to provide practical advice to countries on how to make innovations work.

Jason Alexandra advised the Tasmanian Government on participatory fore-sighting for irrigation R&D planning. The project identified industry and community water needs and developed a strategy that would support the expansion of irrigation while improving economic and social benefits from water resource utilisation and supporting a wider socioeconomic policy agenda.

Read more on the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation website.

Jason Alexandra