We understand that your stakeholders are a very important part of your business, and they need to be treated sensitively and taken seriously. Most of all, they need to be treated with respect.


Whether it's a review or part of a strategic change process, Policy Partners understands that your stakeholders are central to the success of your project.


Policy Partners recognises that review and change processes can be challenging for clients and stakeholders alike. And we know that the project risks are amplified when there are multiple stakeholders, multiple interests to balance and complex industries.


To minimise your risks, we will:

  • work with you to agree a communication plan that is tailored to the specific requirements of your project and your stakeholders
  • seek to understand your stakeholders before engaging with them
  • provide scalable engagement options, with different tools appropriate in different circumstances
  • provide situations that your stakeholders are comfortable in
  • spend time getting to know their concerns and issues
  • treat every view as important
  • provide a detailed report and analysis of what your stakeholders said

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