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Prior to setting up Ironbridge Consulting in February 2012, Roger spent 24 years in Federal and State Government and 17 years in the electricity and water industry, primarily as an economist and financial analyst.

Roger has extensive experience in government policy development and implementation, with particular emphasis on the ACT.  He has a detailed knowledge of the Territory economy and the fiscal environment in which the ACT Government operates.


As Executive Director, Investment and Economics Division of the Australian Capital Territory Treasury, Roger was responsible the delivery of economic policy, investment and borrowing, risk management and insurance, intergovernmental financial policy and gaming and racing.  This portfolio of responsibilities meant that Roger was heavily involved in a broad range of government policy and processes.  This included at various times, Chair of the ACT Insurance Authority, Deputy Chair of the Government Procurement Board, Member of the ACT Housing Finance Advisory Committee and Member of the Public Trustee Board.

Before joining the ACT Government, Roger spent five years with the Commonwealth Grants Commission as Director, Revenue and Analysis.  The Grants Commission is the body responsible for determining the shares of GST for each of the States and Territories.  Previously he worked for 17 years in the electricity and water industry with the Electricity Trust of South Australia and the Power and Water Authority of the Northern Territory.

Roger has extensive experience in financial and economic analysis, risk management and procurement and contract management.  He has a high level of expertise in government processes and the delivery of government policy.  He has served on numerous intergovernmental committees, including the Goods and Services Tax Administrative Sub-committee which oversights GST policy on behalf of all Australian Governments.

Roger is considered to be one of the country's leading experts on GST policy and the arrangements for revenue sharing amongst the States and Territories.

  • ACT Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—advising on options for Value Uplift and Value Capture related to major infrastructure development (May 2014)
  • ACT Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—peer review of ACT submission to the Commonwealth Grants Commission’s 2015 Methodology Review (December 2013)
  • ACT Education and Training Directorate—review of the governance arrangements for the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority (December 2013)
  • ACT Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—developed a regulatory framework for totalisator operations in the ACT (October 2013)
  • ACT Education and Training Directorate—advising on options for managing technical and further education training priorities (July 2013)
  • ACT Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate—advising on policy directions for electronic gaming machines (March 2013)
  • ACT Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission—advising in relation to water pricing and greenhouse gas emissions (February - August 2012)

Chair of Internal Audit Committee, ACT Public Trustee (current)

Deputy Chair and Member of ACT Government Procurement Board 2009-12 and as a non-government member from May 2013.  During this period he encouraged a greater emphasis on the risk management of major procurements.

Established and chaired the ACT Insurance Authority 2001 – 2005.  This encompassed the very difficult period following the Canberra bushfires of January 2003.

Member of ACT Public Trustee Board (2003-12)

Member of ACT Housing Finance Advisory Committee (1994-97)

ACT Government representative on the Goods and Services Tax Administrative Sub-committee (2004-12), responsible for oversighting the administration of the GST on behalf of all Australian Governments

ACT Government Representative on the Heads of Treasuries, Deputies Sub-Committee (2005-12)

Head of Taskforce for the ACT Government Response to the Insurance Crisis (2002)


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