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Business process review of Property Management Branch


We were part of a Canberra Consulting Resources project team which reviewed the business processes and performance of Property Management Branch.


The review considered the overall organisational structure and the division of work tasks between directorates to determine what changes should be made to achieve the greatest productivity and facilitate improved work life balance for all staff.


The review involved:


  • a forensic examination of defects in the processes and artefacts which the business units employed


  • an assessment of the governance processes which provide the framework within which the business units collaborate to produce outputs and outcomes


  • evaluating the relationships with other parts of defence, including identifying functional redundancies and voids


  • three types of benchmarking:


    • an extensive survey of the approach of State and Territory Governments to property management


    • we attempted to undertake a similar survey of a range of broadly comparable Commonwealth agencies


    • standards set for best practice in property management, including:


      • Commonwealth standards and guidelines
      • reports and guides issues by the Australian National Audit Office
      • reports and guides issued by the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom
      • illuminating commentary and analysis from academia

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