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Alistair has been an economic consultant for over seven years, having advised prominent firms involved in the oil industry, credit/charge card issuance, agriculture, electricity generation, as well as various industry associations and Commonwealth, State and Territory government agencies. Alistair’s advice includes the preparation of expert reports, regulatory submissions and submissions to public inquiries.

Alistair has considerable expertise in undertaking economic research and providing policy advice to government in a diverse range of areas. He was the primary architect of the Family Taxation Initiative, the main policy initiative of the Coalition parties during the 1996 election campaign and later implemented by the Australian Government in the 1996-97 Budget.

Alistair has previously worked for ACIL Tasman and the Sapere Research Group and is currently a Principal with Pegasus Economics. Prior to becoming a consultant, Alistair spent 15 years working for the Australian Government, serving as the microeconomic advisor to the Treasurer from 1996 to 1999, as well as holding senior positions with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Department of Finance and Administration, and the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

In 2004 05 Alistair was Acting Branch Manager of Budget Analysis Branch in the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Administration.  In this role he was responsible for providing analysis, briefing, and advice on budget estimates to the Minister for Finance and Administration and within the department in addition to the preparation of Commonwealth budget papers.

  • Australian National Retailers Association—preparation of expert reports on amending section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 for the Competition Policy Review (2014)
  • Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries—preparation of an expert report on the implications of parallel imports of passenger motor vehicles (2014)
  • Regional Banks (Bendigo Bank, ME Bank, Bank of Queensland and Suncorp Bank)—preparation of initial submission to the Financial Sector Inquiry (2014)
  • Biosecurity Victoria (Department of Environment and Primary Industries)—co-author of a report on the application of funding and charging methodologies (2013)

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (2014), Implications of Parallel Imports of Passenger Motor Vehicles,

Regional Banks (Bendigo Bank, ME Bank, Bank of Queensland and Suncorp Bank) (2014), Levelling the playing field: Regional Banks’ Submission to the Financial System Inquiry,

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (2013), Extending the Energy Efficiency Opportunities program to major new developments and projects,

World Society for the Protection of Animals (2013), Economic implications arising from the phasing out of the live sheep export trade,

Alistair Davey (2013),‘Estimating the Price Impact of the Victorian Terminal Gate Pricing Scheme’, Australian Economic Papers, 2013, Vol. 52, pp. 19-37,

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