How we operate


Policy Partners is a network of independent professionals who collaborate on larger projects. Our experienced consultants each have proven, distinctive expertise in the delivery of complex projects spanning multiple stakeholders across industry, government and the private sector.

We specialise in policy, strategy, economics and performance.

We care about quality and personable service. We also see it as our role to assist the client in achieving their strategic objectives, and helping them to understand and resolve their problems—not just undertaking a project.

We tailor our project teams to ensure the client gets the right levels of expertise applied to their issue.

In particular, our team has a huge amount of experience in the management and reform of public sector programs.



Policy Partners Pty Ltd is a corporation registered in the ACT and limited by shares.

We have a board of directors who (in addition to standard corporate governance):

  • appoint project teams and a project team leader
  • appoint a peer reviewer/mentor for each project—an internal consultant who understands the subject matter, but is independent of the project
  • manage the company in the interests of each consultant member
  • establish the professional fees charged by the company in respect of each consultant member
  • establish the financial contribution of consultant members to the operations of the company
  • set standards and monitor projects to ensure the highest quality outputs

Policy Partners

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle

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